Forces Of Nature

Forces Of Nature
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  • Storms move into the sandhills of western Nebraska. Radar indicates 3” hail in the storm which I had to drive around the edge of in order to stay ahead of the storm. Sunset illuminates the rain under the crisp shelf cloud at the leading edge of the storm as a bolt strikes, reflected in the water. Between Arthur & Tryon NE.
  • Taken: 8:20PM | May 23rd, 2018
  • Location: 41° 33.2272′ 0″ N 101° 9.1211′ 0″ W
  • Keywords: Blue Clouds/Storms COLOR Fences/Posts Fields Grass Green Lakes/Ponds Lightning Nebraska NE Orange Power Lines/Telegraph Poles/Pylons Rain/Precipitation/Rain Curtain/Rain Shaft Roads/Highways Shelf Clouds Skyscapes/Severe Weather Spring 2018 Storm Structure Striations Sunsets/Sunrises Supercells Trees USA/America Vibrant Water Yellow