The sky is a global subject that we all get to appreciate and marvel at its splendor on a daily basis, as long as we remember to look up once in a while. The sky changes continuously and is never the same twice. It was there before we were born and will remain long after we are gone. It is something that connects us all.
The shapes, patterns and wide variety of colors the sky produces is a continuously evolving palette of beauty. No wonder we perceive the sky as being inspiring and a place of freedom. We perceive the sky as being the heavens above. We envy the bird that floats in its currents. We lose ourselves in the majesty and vastness of the stars at night. Even Atlantis, the kingdom of the ancient Greek Gods, was built on top of the clouds!
National Parks draw people from the chaos of the city in order to get back to the grit of earth from which we came. It’s like going back to our roots. But it is the action of the skies that has weathered the parks into what they are. I get to appreciate nature in its purest and most primitive form. I find the immensity, power, serenity and grandeur of the skies to be very humbling.
The sky expresses an array of emotions, just as we do. From the power and energy of a severe storm, to the serenity and lightness of a calm day. From the purity of a sunrise, to the drama of a lightning storm. Skyscapes is designed to create an emotional response from each viewer and can be interpreted and internalized in a multitude of ways.
How better to open up your home than by opening a window to the vastness of the sky? How better to change the atmosphere of a room than to allow a new atmosphere in? The skies the limit!
Storm Chasing