This website is a collection of David’s best work and most photogenic chases. It is not an all inclusive library of every photo that David has taken. If you are unable to find what you are looking for with the extensive keyword searches made available please do not hesitant to contact David.

 Keyword searching allows for multiple combinations. For example you could try Kansas Tornado 2011, Sunset Supercell Orange or Northern Lights Panoramic Iceland. Keywords are listed under each image when opened, if you like the look of any keyword just click on it to see other related photos!

 The website also has a cart for ease of ordering. Limited Edition sizes vary as each set of 5 that sells the price increases, so don’t be surprised if one piece in a size and finish costs a different amount to another piece – the earlier you order the cheaper the piece will be!

 Images contain GPS information on the location of shoots. Since 2013 a GPS unit has precisely tagged the location, though a few locations have be slightly modified to hide the exact location of specific subjects. Prior years have been given their approximate location using Street Maps to help identify places where possible.

 Please be sure that your monitor is correctly calibrated to ensure that you are viewing the true colors and brightness of David’s photos. As time goes by screens have become better calibrated for viewing true colors, in particular with smart phones and tablets. Adjustable screens however make have been changed to your personal preferences. If in doubt view the image on a few screens to be sure of what you will get. Rest assured that all images are edited to the highest standards, David is a professional and takes great pride in perfecting his work – he is his own harshest critic!

 Images have been downsized and reduced in quality for the website to protect against theft. All images are registered to David Mayhew, use of images without express permission from David Mayhew is strictly prohibited.

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