Vibrant colors. 3D effect. Engaging.

My flagship finish!

My flagship finish! Privately developed to my specifications with a local professional photo lab in order to perfect the colors matching the photo, the end result is a glossy and vibrant style. Any light that hits the piece bounces back making it look as if it were back lit and giving a feeling of depth. The finish simulates the natural light of the photo, so sunset images regain the glow of the sunset.
Ink is printed on a special sheet that is placed on top of powder coated aluminum in a high heat press. Under high pressure at 400F the inks convert to a gas that penetrates the metal where it resolidifies. With the ink imbedded into the metal the piece has a long life span. Archival rating is 125 years where is photo paper is 75 years.
Being a thin sheet of metal I am therefore able to offer some unique mounting styles:

Flush Infused Aluminum
Using a 3/4″ deep brushed aluminum bar around the edge on the back of the photo creates a finished look in a contemporary modern style.

A French Cleat system is included on the back. The included metal bar cleat screws to the wall with the screws provided, leaving a lip on top that inserts behind the top back edging bar. Once the cleat is mounted (using a level) the piece simply drops on to it. The short rail allows for left to right adjustments giving perfect positioning as well as holding the piece flush against the wall.

Wire is included on smaller sizes, available on request for larger sizes. The French cleat is recommended for any piece 30″ wide or larger since the use of a wire will result in the piece leaning away from the wall as opposed to hanging flush.
When using the French Cleat system remove the wire (if provided) to allow the piece to sit flush against the wall.
The Aluminum Sheets are limited in size to 48″x96″. My standard 2:3 ratio images therefore max out at 48×72 as a single piece. Larger pieces can be created as segmented pieces that can either be hung spaced or slid together for an almost seamless look. For example I created a 15 foot panoramic for a collector in 5 sections, each 3 feet wide.
Infused Aluminum Variations
Matte Finish – A non glare Infused Aluminum is available for settings that might have excessive reflections from windows etc. Colors are a perfect match, but you don’t get the vibrant glow or feeling of depth that the regular gloss creates.
Float Infused Aluminums – With the edge framing inset towards the center of the piece the slim Infused Aluminum sheet appears to float off the wall. Though very unique and contemporary this finish has 2 caveats; to create the float look a thicker metal sheet is needed for the backing frame which increase both weight and cost, plus the slim edges are not protected like the Flush finish is with the edging. This makes the finish more vulnerable to damage especially if set down given the additional weight.
At art fairs I no longer carry framed pieces or frame samples as making these choices is a timely process when I am at my busiest. I am also of the thought that selecting a frame is best done with the piece in hand and/or in situ where the art will reside. I am more than happy to work with a collector in selecting a frame that works for you as I can cast my opinion on the frame choice and it make the whole process a one stop shop for convenience. A few things to keep in mind though:
– Framing costs have sky rocketed since the Covid lockdown
– Framing adds size and weight and therefore increases the cost of shipping
– Framing can be added to the Infused Aluminums post purchase using a local framer. With samples in hand and a wider range of frames available at a frame store there will be more confidence in finding the right fit for you
None-the-less I am happy to offer up framing or even work with you and a local framer to find the best fit for your space. Please reach out to me with any queries.
Web Box Frame small
Box Float Frame – A simple frame that adds a nice finish and protects the edge of the piece keeping the focus on the image.
The frame is 1.25” deep. Reach out to me for a quote.
Web Custom IA Strength small
Custom Float frame – The Infused Aluminum sheet is floated with a space between the the photo and the frame. Also available with a linen liner as opposed to the spacing.

Left: “The Strength Within” floated in the 4” Medium Olive frame.

The glossy nature does make the surface reflective, hanging the piece across from a window or other bright light source as you may see reflections, in these cases a matte finish may be a better fit at the same price. If possible directly light the piece from above to really pop the piece.


Budget Conscious Alternative.

Solid Backing. Changing your perception of Canvas.

Gallery wrapped canvas provides a budget conscious alternative. The texture of the canvas provides a slightly softer image that creates a more painterly look to the photos, which lends well to my images while maintaining vibrant color.
The canvas finish is slightly different to the standard stretcher frame canvas that you may be familiar with. My finish mounts the canvas to a solid backing behind the print to avoid issues of the canvas becoming loose from changes in temperature or humidity, which gave canvas a poor reputation.
The sides are 1.5” in depth and wired for hanging. All canvas prints are open editions in all sizes.


Affordable. Traditional.

Professional and reliable.

If you already have traditionally framed art work behind glass in your home or wanting a more affordable alternative to the highly desirable Infused Aluminum I still offer traditional photo prints. These can be bought matted if you wish to frame them yourself or prints can be shipped cheaply in a tube.
Prints are on Luster photo paper printed at professional labs. The actual image size of a 12×18 print matted in a 16×20 mat is closer to 11×16 in order to better fit this standard mat size. Matted prints also include a black border on the print so as to not lose any image behind the mat that would otherwise alter the composition of the photo. For this size I recommend buying the matted version as custom matting would be more than the $20 I offer.
For larger size photo prints I recommend buying just the print. This ships cheaper in a rolled tube as opposed to being boxed or crated. Also glass does not ship well! Best to save on the shipping and put that money towards the framing the piece at a local framing store.
Custom options may be available, so feel free to ask.