David Mayhew

World Class Photographer

A Brief History

 Born in the UK David Mayhew initially studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Design. His sense of adventure took him on a 19 months exploration in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and hitch-hiking across Canada. It wasn’t until David moved to Turin, Italy working for Fiat Auto that the advent of digital photography first caught his eye. In 2003 David decided to bail out of the 9 to 5 environment and delve head first into photography, taking on studies in photography at the College of DuPage where he also joined forces with their meteorology program.

Artist Bio-long

I strive to capture

the full array of

Mother Nature’s moods

Facts About David

 David has seen some unique and beautiful sights including the largest ever recorded tornado (2.6 miles wide in El Reno Oklahoma May 2013), even putting himself in precarious situations! Now based in Colorado at foot hills of the Rocky Mountains David is ideally located for heading East out to tornado alley or West to explore the mountains or the landscapes of the South West.

What the Future Holds…

 The draw of the night skies offers up great opportunities for creativity that have enabled David to expand his work into new realms. David strives to continuing make new and remarkable images of Skyscapes and hopes to explore more on an international level.

“The draw of the night skies

offers up great opportunities for creativity

Why the Sky?