Pricing Matrix

PRINT SIZE 12×18 16×24 20×30 24×36 28×42 32×48 36×54 40×60 44×66 48×72 52×78 56×84 60×90
Print Only $100 * $240+ $380+ $525+ $725+ $960+ $1,225+ $1,520+ $1,845+ $2,200+ $2,595+ $3,020+ $3,470+
Canvas $320+ $520+ $695+ $895+ $1,125+ $1,395+ $1,690+ $2,010+
Inf Alu (flush & float) $340 $575+ $775+ $1,190+ $1,690+ $2,285+ $2,840+ $3,465+ $4,200+ $4,935+
Metal Mount $320 $515+ $785+ $1,045+ $1,485+ $2,050+ $2,585+ $3,145+ $3,785+ $4,345+ $5,095+ $5,905+ $6,775+

Limited edition pricing listed above are for the 1st set of prints and may vary, prices increase the more that sell.
Metal Mount is a matte alternative to the glossy Infused Aluminum. A traditional print is mounted to metal with a UV scratch resistant laminate pressure mounted on top.
* 12×18 paper prints are printed on 12×18 paper but are reduced in size to better fit a 16×20 standard size mat.

Limited Editions

All prints 16×24 and larger are limited editions, except for Canvas prints which are Open Editions in all sizes.
20×30 prints and up are limited to sets of 30 per size per finish style. Each 5 prints that sell the price increases $50. The 1st set is under priced by $100 to encourage initial sales.
16x24s are limited to sets of 50 with the prices increasing by $50 each 10 that sell.
Panoramics increase in increments of $40.

Data Privacy Policy

Personal information obtained will not be shared or sold to anyone else

General Info

Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion.
All orders come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are ready to hang.
Any completed orders not collected or paid in full within 3 months of completion will be returned to the racks for resale and store credit will be assigned.
All orders and sales are final.

Photo Sizes

The majority of uncropped images are at a 2:3 ratio, ie they will fit exactly to 20×30 print paper. My paper sizes have been chosen to match this, unless the photo is cropped image such as a panoramic.


Shipped work includes insurance and tracking. A packaging and handling fee is charged at cost. This allows expedited shipping on request, otherwise ground shipping will be used. Signature is required on delivery to obtain shipping insurance
Pieces are packaged to avoid damage.
All packaging costs allows for up to 3 pieces of the same size at the same cost.

Delivery and Installation

For large pieces or large orders collection may not be feasible. If I am in your locality I am more than happy to deliver these orders to you and even to assist with installation.

Caring for your Art

All finishes are archival. Photographic prints have an archival rating of 75 years, Infused Aluminum has an archival rating of 125 years.
UV glass will extend the life of traditional prints when framing. Avoiding direct sunlight or any strong light source, especially over an extended period of time, can also extend the life of a piece. Avoid moisture, especially with traditionally framed pieces. Sudden temperature changes may also affect a piece so avoid hanging a piece in close proximity to air vents or other heating and cooling systems.
– To clean Metal Mounts and Infused Aluminum used canned air and/or a soft cloth. For stubborn stains use a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth if needed. Never use paper towels or cleaning products.


Images are available for licensing and publishing. Please contact David Mayhew for details.
Contact David