Struggling to envision how a David Mayhew Fine Art Photo might look in your home or office? Or do you have too many favorites and can’t decide which one will look best on the wall? I can help with that!


  • Email me a photo of your room. The wider the shot the better as it will help show you how a photo fits in with your décor.
  • Tell me which photos and finish style you are considering, or add your image choices to my website cart and send them to me there.
  • Let me do the rest!


I will drop the chosen images into your room. If you can provide any dimensions of walls or furniture in the room I can estimate the size of the piece that you are considering.


    Design Tip: Use blue painter’s tape on the wall to measure out the size(s) of art work(s) that you are considering. This will give you a visual guide as to how the piece will fit without messing up your walls. If you are going to try this approach then include it in the photo you take of the room so I can match the size with the staged photo.


Below Aly & Bryan sent me a photo of their room where they wanted to replace a painting with Uneven Parallels. Knowing the dimensions of the painting I was able to drop in Uneven Parallels at the 32×48 size that they decided to order.