Rain Wrapped

Rain Wrapped
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  • A half mile wide EF4 tornado continues its journey for a total of 1.5 hours on the ground. The storm is partially rain wrapped and is closing in on the town of Chapman
  • Taken: 8:07PM | May 25th, 2016
  • Location: 38° 56.5787′ 0″ N 97° 5.9794′ 0″ W
  • Keywords: Blue Brown/Cream Clouds/Storms COLOR Crops/Wheat/Corn Fields Grass Green Kansas KS Power Lines/Telegraph Poles/Pylons Rain/Precipitation/Rain Curtain/Rain Shaft Rotation Skyscapes/Severe Weather Spring 2016 Storm Structure Supercells Tornadoes/Twisters/Rotation Trees USA/America Wall Clouds Yellow