Dust Dance

Dust Dance
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  • A tornado tightens up and kicks up a lot of dust as it approaches me. Less than a minute later the tornado dissipated. The tornado was a rare cold core tornado that had papers written up about it a few days later. One of seven tornadoes I saw that day. Norton KS
  • Taken: 2:32PM | June 20th, 2011
  • Location: 39° 49.678′ 0″ N 99° 41.0115′ 0″ W
  • Keywords: Black Blue Brown/Cream Climbing Cumulus Towers/Convection/Updraft Clouds/Storms COLOR Debris/Debris Cloud Fields Funnel Clouds Grey Kansas KS Muted/Soft Colors Norton Power Lines/Telegraph Poles/Pylons Rotation Skyscapes/Severe Weather Storm Structure Summer 2011 Supercells Tornadoes/Twisters/Rotation USA/America Wall Clouds White Yellow