Frames are bubble wrapped and shipped in corrugated cardboard mailers with packaging tissue to fill the gap around the frame, provided to allow for impact during shipping. All mats are first packaged in clear sleeves with stiffener boards. Small mats are mailed in envelopes, 16×20 mats and larger are shipped in corrugated cardboard mailers.

Plexiglass is safer for shipping than glass. Plexiglass looks like glass but will not shatter and is accepted, if not requested, by galleries. Only 18×24 frames and smaller will be shipped with glass. All packaging costs allows for up to 3 pieces of the same size. Shipping insurance is included.

Shipping at cost, packaging and handling prices are as follows:

8×10 & 11×14 $5
10×20, 16×20, 18×24 & 12×36 $10
24×36 $15
8×10 & 11×14 $5
10×20, 16×20, 18×24, 12×36 & 24×36 $10
all sizes $5


Delivery and Installation

For large pieces or large orders collection may not be feasible. If I am in your locality I am more than happy to deliver these orders to you and even to assist with installation.

Visit this link for more pricing information:

Portraits and Commissioned Work Pricing
Art Reproduction Pricing