Vibrant colors. 3D effect. Engaging.

My flagship finish!

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My new flagship finish! Privately developed to my specifications with a professional lab, the end result is a glossy and vibrant style. Any light that hits the piece bounces back making it look as if it were back lit and giving a feeling of depth. It creates the same effect as my old Liquid Mounts (metallic paper face mounted to acrylic) but on a single sheet of metal allowing more flexibility with mounting options.
Ink is printed to a special sheet that is placed on top of powder coated aluminum in a high heat press. Under high pressure at 400F the inks convert to a gas that penetrates the metal where it resolidifies. With the ink imbedded into the metal the piece has a long life span.
I am therefore able to offer some unique mounting styles:

Web Custom IA Strength small
Custom Float frame – 2 custom hand-made wood frames in 2 shades for a high end look.
Above: “Ship to Shore” floated in the 4” Tortoise frame. A darker version also available.
Left: “The Strength Within” floated in the 4” Medium Olive frame. Dark Olive also available.
Web Veneer IA  small
Veneer Float Frame – A stock frame similar to the Medium Olive Custom Float Frame but at a lower price point.
Slightly smaller at 3 1/4” wide and 1” deep.
Web Framed Plaque IA small
Framed Plaque Infused Aluminum – Incorporating the flat metal into my ever popular black mat and black frame finish helps isolate the art from the surroundings keeping the focus on the vibrant colors.
Web Box Frame small
Box Float Frame – A simple frame that adds a nice finish and protects the edge of the piece keeping the focus on the image.
The frame is 1.25” deep.
Web Float IA small
Float Infused Aluminum – Using an inset frame on the backing floats the piece off the wall for more contemporary modern style.
A French Cleat system on the back using screws allows left to right adjustments for perfect alignment as well as holding the piece flush to the wall. Wire available on request.
The glossy nature does make the surface reflective, hanging the piece across from a window or other bright light source as you may see reflections. If possible directly light the piece from above to really pop the piece.


Crisp image. UV protected. Water Resistant.

My most popular style.

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Using a pressure mounted UV scratch resistant laminate over a print removes the need for glass, reducing weight and glare.I designed this look to move away from glass. Not only does it help reduce reflections and glare, but it protects the piece. The pressure mounted satin laminate keeps the image crisp, provides UV protection and makes the piece water resistant.

Without glass the piece is lighter making shipping cheaper and removes the risk of breakage in shipping. Also instead of having the photo behind a mat behind glass the image is raised forward drawing the attention to the photo before anything else.
The piece has a black mat and black frame (2” frame on Limited Editions & 1” on open editions). I discovered that white mats detracted from the image, somehow desaturating the vibrant colors. As white is a highlight it catches the attention of the eye and draws the eye away from the photo. Black mats actually draw out any detail in darker images, such as starry nights. Colored mats taint the true color of the photo. A few earth tone mats are available on request. Pieces can also be bought unframed if you wish to choose your own.

Prints are archival to 125 years. Add the UV laminate and the archival rating is extended even further. Mounted to a masonite backing raises the print off the black backing mat with beveled edges. All materials are acid free. Framed Plaques come wired and ready to hang just like traditionally framed photos.

Listed below is the print size, mat size and approximate external size including the frame.


Print Size 12×18 16×24 20×30 24×36 28×42 32×48 36×54 40×60
Matted Size 16×20 20×30 24×36 28×42 32×48 36×54 40×60 44×66
External Framed 18×22 24×34 28×40 32×46 36×52 40×58 44×64 48×70


Budget Conscious Alternative.

Solid Backing. Changing your perception of Canvas.

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Gallery wrapped canvas provides a budget conscious alternative. The texture of the canvas provides a slightly softer image that creates a painterly look to the photos, which lends well to my images while maintaining vibrant color. Open edition.
The canvas finish is slightly different to the standard stretcher frame canvas that you may be familiar with. My finish mounts the canvas to a solid backing behind the print to avoid issues of the canvas becoming loose from changes in temperature or humidity, which gave canvas a poor reputation.

The sides are 1.5” in depth and wired for hanging. All canvas prints are open editions in all sizes.


Glistening Light. Brushed Aluminum.

The most dynamic print yet.

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Printed directly on to metal leaving the brushed aluminum to show through white and lighter areas resulting in light glistening off the piece as you move past it. Ideal for a location with lots of light.

Contrary to most finishes the more light sources you have, the better! The reflective nature of the brushed aluminum allows light to reflect of the reflective surface. As you move through a room light will reflect of sections of the image creating a dynamic and eye catching look to the piece.

For example stars in night time shots, the white trunks of aspen trees and lighter areas in storm clouds all pick up well. Just look for areas of white in photo or lighter tones. Like the concept but not sure which images will work best? Let me help you make the best choice!
Pieces have a ¾” frame inset on the back to float the piece off the wall. Provided with a French cleat system for mounting flush against the wall (screw in a metal strip to the wall for the piece to rest on). This mounting makes it easier to level the piece and allows some left to right adjustment to perfectly center your piece. Wire available on request.

The photo is inset from the edge with a small black edge to frame the piece. This is spatially more pleasing than printing to the edge, it frames the image nicely and has a less heavy impact on the room space. Printing to the edge is available upon request for no additional cost.

Printed directly onto the aluminum with a $200,000 printer. This technique was initially designed for outdoor signage, so when the ink cures the image is UV protected and water proof. The detail is a little less than photo paper and an image does take on a slightly different look due to the reflective nature of the aluminum. The aluminum is also fairly light weight.


Affordable. Match-able. Traditional.

Professional and reliable.

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If you are wishing to match pieces in your home or wanting a more affordable alternative to the highly desirable Plaques and Liquid Mounts I still offer traditionally framed pieces. These can be bought matted if you wish to frame them yourself or prints can be shipped cheaply in a tube.
Prints are on Luster photo paper printed at professional labs. The actual image size of a 12×18 print matted in a 16×20 mat is closer to 11×16. Otherwise a 12×18 print would only leave 1” of mat top and bottom. Matted prints also include a black border on the print so as to not hise any image behind the mat and alter the composition of the piece.

I do offer some sizes matted in black with white core and some framed with glass, though I only offer limited size options. Mat board only comes in certain sizes and I won’t ship framed pieces with glass over the 20×30 print size. Breakage is a big risk, packaging is larger and so shipping becomes too pricey. Best to buy the print and take it to a local framer.

Custom options may be available, so feel free to ask.